Sporting Aspects


All riders competing in the Atacama Rally 2019, Third Round of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship and Chilean National Cross-Country Rally Championship, must hold a sporting licence from their National Motorcycle Federation.

Motorcycle category

Competitors must hold an international licence from the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), through their National Motorcycle Federation (FMN) in order to compete in any round of the FIM World Championship.

Competitors holding an annual international licence do not need to obtain a new licence to compete in the Atacama Rally 2019.

A rider who decides to compete only in the Atacama Rally and not compete for the FIM Cross Country Rally world championship, need only have a sports licence issued by his or her National Motorcycle Federation (FMN).

 Cars category

All Chilean and international competitors must have a sports licence issued by their National Federation (ADN).

Federal Authorization Letter for competitors in all categories

International competitors must be in possession of the letter of authorization from their respective National Federation in order to take part in Atacama Rally 2019.

All competitors will be required to provide this letter to the respective Commissioners on the day of the administrative checks, together with their sports licence and driving licence.

For safety’s sake, we recommend sending this letter to the sports secretary by e-mail to:

Chilean competitors do not need a letter of authorization, because local federations provide a list of their competitors in advance. However, they must present a sports licence and driving licence during the administrative checks.

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