Chilean National Cross-Country Rally Championship


The 2021 edition of the Atacama Rally is a valid race for the Chilean National Cross Country Championship.

Chilean riders participating at the Atacama Rally International, one major fixture on the world rally circuit and earn points for the National Championship.

Bikes and Quads category:

The Bikes and Quads category will be run in five stages, under the structure and rules of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship.

Chilean competitors will compete in the five stages under the Atacama Rally International structure; by category and by general classification.

Riders in the motorcycle / quads category who only compete for the Baja World Championship do not qualify for the Atacama International Rally or for the National Cross Country Rally Championship. If the Chilean Motorcycle Federation, FMC opens a Baja category for the National Championship, the classification will be valid.


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Cars and SSV category

For the cars and SSV category, which is not restricted to Chilean riders, the national championship will be run under the general rules established by the Chilean National Motor Sport Federation, FADECH.

Accordingly, this rally category will be as follows:

Administrative and technical checks: Sunday 29th  and, Monday 30th August.


Shakedown: Monday, 30 August ((after completing the technical verifications).

Stage 1:  Special 2 and 3, Tuesday, 31 August

Stage 2:  Special 4 and 5, Wednesday, 01 September

Stage 3: Special 6 and 7, Thursday, 02 September

Stage 4: Special 8 and 9, Friday, 03 September

Stage 5: Special 10, Saturday, 04 September


With the exception of stage 5: competitors in the cars and SSV category will have a neutral zone in the first special stage of the day for refueling and mechanical checks. Having completed the time, which starts running upon entry to the neutral zone, drivers restart the race on a new clocked special stage.

Atacama Rally International

All competitors (Bikes, Quads, Cars, SSV) run for the 2021 Atacama Rally International.