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Tracking and safety equipment:

Atacama Rally uses a following, tracking and proximity alert system STELLA.

STELLA is a satellite GPS system that follows competitors in real time, delivering second-by-second information on the track of each rider. It provides visual and audio data from waypoints, control points, radar zones and CAPs and can activate vehicle proximity alerts to enable overtaking or stopping. It executes an automatic emergency alert in the case of slowdown or frontal or lateral tilt, which can also be triggered manually in the event of emergency or breakdown to enable the organization’s security staff to make the right decisions in case of accident.

STELLA also enables online tracking, so that assistance teams, press and fans can visualize one or more competitors.

Participants must have installation bracket and power cables (not included in the inscription)

Stella Bracket

  • Motorcycles/Quads
  • Cars/SSV

Power Cables

  • Motorcycles/Quads
  • Cars/SSV


-Equipment will be provided on the day of the administrative check and must be shown corrected installed at technical check.

-Competitors must provide their own cables and brackets

-There will be a mandatory safety talk before the first briefing

-Riders must return all equipment to the organization at the conclusion of the event. The organization will provide a receipt of return.

-Safety equipment use is mandatory for all categories.

For further information, kindly contact CESAR CABREIRA. Email:

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