Registration Fees


FIM Bajas World Cup Registration Fees

Atacama Rally International Registration Fees

Registrations close on 5 August 2022. Registration requests received after that date will be reviewed and, if accepted, will carry a 30% late-registration fee.

Competitors and their staff are responsible for payment of charges for international transfers. This may cost around EUR(€) 70 in addition to the registration fee.

In order to qualify for EARLY BIRD 1 or EARLY BIRD 2 rates, payment must be made before the respective closing date.


-Cash: at the Atacama Rally office in Santiago, Chile.

-Bank transfer or deposit: please contact for instructions.


Registration fees include:

  • Sporting rights
  • Medical assistance on site, air rescue, tangos (field ambulance) and field hospital.
  • Plates for the competing vehicle and registered assistance vehicles.
  • Right of entry to race and bivouac areas.
  • Road book.
  • Rally bracelet.
  • Bivouac access
  • Daily snack point for competitors.
  • Third party liability insurance.
  • Primary medical care. (each competitor must have a personal accident insurance)
  • Entry to award ceremony and party.

Registration fees do NOT include:

  • Sport compulsory license for competitors
  • Stella System (GPS / Tracking/ sentinel) (must be rent)
  • Brackets for Stella System (must be buy)
  • Transport of vehicles to and from Chile.
  • Passenger transport to and from Chile.
  • Airfares to and from Chile.
  • Vehicle transport in the event of breakdown.
  • Hotel stays (The organizers will provide preferential prices for rally participants, at the base hotel).
  • Drinks and extras in Bivouacs and hotels (including the Rally venue hotel).
  • Fuel.
  • Tolls.
  • Anything not mentioned in the section listing items included in the registration fees


Because the Rally is an international fixture, the competition and safety materials are imported. For that reason, the registration fee is given in Euros. However, payment may be made in Chilean pesos at the euro exchange rate listed by the money exchange on the day of payment.    Consult at the sports secretariat for its value.