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  1. All riders are responsible for their own waste materials and those of their mechanics and their teams during the event.
  2. Waste materials must be placed in the bins provided by the organization for this purpose or removed from the bivouac by the person who generated it.
  3. It is forbidden to leave loose rubbish in the bivouacs.
  4. Every effort must be made to avoid spills of mechanical liquids and fluids (fuel, oil, cleaners, coolant, brake fluid, etc.). Should a spill inadvertently occur, the responsible rider and his/her team must clean it immediately.
  5. Protective carpet must be used at all times during refuelling.
  6. Every team or staff must have a proper fire extinguisher to hand.
  7. Riders and staff are strictly forbidden to SMOKE OR CONSUME ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES inside the bivouac.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to wash motorcycles inside the bivouac sector.
  9. As riders, we commit to care for the environment and abide by the FIM Environmental Code to demonstrate that our sport is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


We, the pilots, are committed to the care of the environment and consider it of utmost importance to follow the instructions of the FIM Environmental Code to demonstrate that we can be a sustainable and environmentally friendly sport.

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